March 2019
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March 2019

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Message from CEO - Rob Clark

Spring is just around the corner (even though it may not look like it today!) and its time shine!

With the recent announcements of new investment of SaskPower, Imperial distillery and now entertainment at Mosaic Place and we’re thinking more to follow plus the Scotties and right in the middle the Saskatchewan Air Show, Sidewalk Days and with the celebrity status of Mac, the future is bright!  We celebrate entrepreneurs, forward-thinking people and recognize the important contributions they make in strengthening our local economy. We will continue to connect and network with potential partners, mentors, and investors to help take ideas and businesses to the next level. We are witnessing incredible growth and transformation, which is being driven by our vibrant business community.

A Special Congratulations to the Business Women of Moose Jaw’s Prism Awards on their spectacular evening event that showcase women entrepreneurs who have made a difference in our city through their contributions!    

Our Chamber exists to support the business community and to help make Moose Jaw a great place to live and do business. The Moose Jaw and District Chamber of Commerce offers many opportunities for you to be active and be involved: monthly luncheons with informative guest speakers and networking events I challenge you as a fellow Chamber member to take a step to be more active in “the community.”  Bring a business neighbor with you to an event, attend an event that you personally have not yet taken part in and experience something new.


March 14– Chamber on Tap – West Park Crossing – 5:15pm – 6pm

April 6 & 7 – EXPO 2019 – Moose Jaw Exhibition Convention Centre
Sat 10am to 5pm and Sun 10am to 4pm, Crack the Code for a Chance to WIN $1,000,000

April 10 – Moose Jaw Business Excellence Awards (MJBEX) – Heritage Inn
Tickets on sale now; $75 each + GST – call 306.692.6414 to register

April 24 – Administrative Professionals Day Luncheon – Temple Gardens Mineral Spa – Tickets $30 each call 306.692.6414 to purchase tickets
7 Qualities That Will Maximize Your Business Effectiveness


7 Qualities That Will Maximize Your Business Effectiveness

Attitude counts for a lot when it comes to whether your business is going to be successful, extremely successful, or perhaps simply manage to stay afloat. It's easy to put too much emphasis on plans, strategies and systems – all of which are vitally important of course – but forget that if you as the owner/manager don't demonstrate the right attitude and qualities then it will be difficult to experience lasting growth.

Here are seven qualities which every entrepreneur needs if they are going to make their business effective.

1. Perseverance

Long-term business success is experienced by owners who persevere through the tough times, knowing that doubt, criticism, and uncertainty are part of the package when running a business. Sticking with it, come what may, is one of the most valuable qualities an entrepreneur requires.

Every business can experience tough times, it comes with the territory. Therefore, tenacity is not a desirable quality it is a vital one. Perseverance is often what makes the difference between those who make it, and those who don't.

2. Integrity – No Compromise

Business can be cutthroat, and the urge to cut corners, cheat a little here and there, or compromise on a principle or two can at times seem irresistible. Your integrity and that of your business is the underlying foundation of everything you do and without it success will only be temporary at best. You will become known for whether you operate with integrity and can be trusted, or whether your business dealings are shady and subject to suspicion. In all your business dealings, if you stand for what you believe in, never abandon your principles and live and work according to your values, you will find success in surprising places.

3. Commitment – Always Follow Through

Can you be counted on to do what you've said you'll do – every time? Do you make it a point to always follow through on tasks, promises, and other commitments? Follow-through is another important step in building trust in those you work with – whether it's your staff, your customers, your suppliers or your competitors. Your ability to follow through will be interpreted by those around you as commitment.

4. Challenge – Move Out of Your Comfort Zone

Whenever the status quo becomes good enough, you know you're in trouble. Nothing in the universe is static – it is either moving forward, or backward. You may think you're standing still but if you're not moving forward, you are going backward. Our comfort zones are funny things – most of us long to live in or near them, but we can't achieve growth while we're there. Business success asks us for the ability to live at least somewhat, on the edge. It requires of us a willingness to push our personal boundaries beyond what's comfortable, to accept challenges when they present themselves and to proactively solve problems.

5. Leadership – Lead by Example

The greatest leaders throughout history have shown that true leadership is not a matter of barking commands but being willing to be the first to step up. You can't expect your staff to value punctuality if you continually come in late and take extended personal breaks. You can't expect your customers to trust you, if you've been dishonest with them in the past. Actions have always spoken louder than words.

6. Flexibility – Do the Unexpected

Similar to stepping outside your comfort zone, the ability to demonstrate flexibility is vital in an ever-changing business climate. Are you able to shift gears when something unexpected comes along? Can you be proactive in doing something others won't expect? Do you invite new ideas when old ones aren't working? Flexibility is a key element to business success because things never stay the same.

7. Cooperation – Increase Your People Skills

Your ability to find harmony in your dealings with others is one of the most important qualities you can develop in achieving business effectiveness. Is there synergy in your workplace? Do your customers know you truly care about them and their needs? Can you effectively work with different personality styles and flex to the ones who are different to you? Do your communication skills leave others knowing exactly what you expect from them, or does confusion reign whenever you give direction? Knowing how to deal with people effectively builds trust, confidence and security.

Which of these seven qualities come naturally to you, and where do you need to grow? Developing these qualities will lead to increased personal and business effectiveness, but they are not necessarily easy to demonstrate. Maximize the qualities where you are already demonstrating strength and make an effort to grow in the areas where you aren't quite there yet. As you become more effective, so will your business.

7 Qualities That Will Maximize Your Business Effectiveness


The Benefits of Cross-Training

The person in your company who you rely on most, has asked for leave to go care for an ailing relative across the country, and doesn't know when he/she will return, or perhaps they have resigned, effective immediately. This is not an uncommon scenario in small businesses, but it can be frightening if you are not prepared. No one is indispensable, unless you have made them so by relying on them exclusively to handle much of the day-to-day operation of your business or a part of your business. These people are a Godsend, they fill the gaps in your skillset and save you a great deal of time, but when they unexpectedly leave they can throw you and your company into turmoil.

Cross-training can help you avoid having a business meltdown when your go-to person disappears. So, what is cross-training? Basically, it's training other staff members to do the jobs of key personnel. Teaching everyone in your company to do someone else's job will save the day when an important job depends on the person who's landed in the hospital for a week and can't meet a looming deadline.

Cross-training accomplishes several things:

  1. It gives your staff members an appreciation for the role of other staff. It is common for one department to downplay the importance or difficulty of another department's role in the company. By cross-training you build respect between departments and encourage teamwork.
  2. When staff members understand each other's roles, they begin to see the value of every person's contribution to the success of the company. It improves overall cooperation and again, encourages better teamwork.
  3. It provides opportunities for learning and growth. You may discover unexpected skills amongst your employees during the cross-training process. Many people love to learn new skills and improve their skill base and that can only be good for your company.
  4. It helps foster a collective sense of team, where everyone's working together to accomplish the company's goals and objectives.

How you actually do the training will depend on your business. If you cannot cross-train during regular business hours you might want to consider one Saturday a month to train small groups of employees. Or, you could cross-train during lunch hours, or even use an occasional staff meeting. You could train one-on one, or you could train the entire group in a specific job task. How you do it is less important than using this strategy to protect your business.

Cross-training is a vital component to keeping your business running smoothly, and, you may be surprised at how much you learn about how to run your own business along the way!

7 Qualities That Will Maximize Your Business Effectiveness


The Importance of a Sincere Thank You

"Appreciation can change a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary." -- Margaret Cousins

Whether we are talking about an employee's completion of a task, a client's continued use of our services, a customer's purchase, or a child's effort in doing a chore, saying a sincere "thank you" shows appreciation and recognition for what they have done.

Here are four reasons why it is important to sincerely say thank you.

Appreciating the individual for taking action.

Have you ever had exceptional service at a restaurant or in a store? Those times when a clerk or server has adopted an attitude demonstrating that it's more than just a job to them; they actually wanted you to have a very pleasant and enjoyable experience. By saying "thank you," even if you have also left a tip, shows them you have recognized and appreciated their efforts. The bonus is they will more likely pay it forward by continuing to be nice to future customers.

People need to feel appreciated and respected for their contribution.

Again, whether the task is for your organization, your company, or your family, people have a need to feel appreciated for what they do. Yes, they may receive financial compensation but if it's simply a monetary transaction then the positive attitude they bring to it may be left behind next time. John F. Kennedy once said, "We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives." The size of the difference is irrelevant, what's important is that they have made a difference and are contributing to the greater good.

A simple thank-you increases the likelihood of more to come.

Think about the times that someone, a boss, a colleague, a friend, or a family member has taken the time to say "thank you" in person, through a note, or in an email. How did you feel? What are the chances that you will help out again or return the favour? When a person feels appreciated and respected, they are more likely to give back, or do something good for you at a later date.

Saying thank you is a simple form for practicing gratitude.

Random acts of kindness are truly unexpected gifts. When we incorporate intentional and ongoing acts of kindness to family, friends, employees, and co-workers by using the simple words "thank you" with sincerity and authenticity, we are truly practicing gratitude.

It is more than just merely thanking people; each "thank you" needs to be mindful and sincere. Incorporating the habit of thanking people in all areas of your life, shows that you are aware of the efforts, sacrifices, and attitudes that people around you are bringing to their job, chore, daily tasks, and responsibilities.


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